Our finishing departments can handle your job from start to finish. Having all our finishing under one roof allows for a smooth process, saving time and money by not having to outsource your materials.




Sewing is available to give your banner that finished look that will last. Our industrial sewing machines are ready to take on the job. Be it a small banner or a large outdoor banner, we are equipped to get the job done to give your piece that final finished touch.




Die-cutting is a great way to give your piece a customized and striking design. From circular tire inserts to custom standee displays we have the machinery to get the job done for you. Our experienced team can meet your needs to create the custom design you need.





Grommets are a great way to give your product an easy way to hang and present your promotion. By mounting grommets in the corners of your piece, it will be ready to display easily by various mounting methods. You can simply hang it on a wall or use rope ties to mount it wherever you need. 




In addition to the services listed about we have many other methods of finishing available to you such as lamination, adhesive backing,